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If I Stay

If I Stay - I almost made a huge mistake. I almost didn't get this book. Because, it is, quite simply, amazing. Totally and completely. I loved it. LOVED IT!When I stay follows Mia as she hovers outside her body after a devastating car accident that will leave her life, if she lives, irrovocably changed forever. The book is told from Mia's point of view as she reminices on memories, watches friends and family anxiously await her fate, and decides, ultimately, if she should stay, and live, or join her family lost in the crash.If I stay was definitely emotional, but it wasn't all sadness. Their was humor, joy, and anger. It was a roller coaster of emotion that only served to bring the reader closer to Mia and her impossible choice.If I Stay was beautifully written and the characters were perfect. I will most definitely recommend this book to not only teens, but to my mother and other adults. Ratings (out of 10):Plot: 10Characters: 10Writing style: 10Romance: 10Memorable: 10Total: 50/50 (A)It isn't often that I recommend buying a book, but this is one that I definitely want on my bookshelf - and you will too!