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Wings (Laurel Series #1)

Wings - Aprilynne Pike I'll be honest, when I started this book I didn't like it. More specifically, I didn't like Laurel. She was too perfect - and I hated that she knew it. I like my main characters to have some flaws - otherwise I can't relate to them all that well. After all, I'm not perfect... :) By the time I got to about the eighth chapter I couldn't put the book down! I don't know what happened: maybe it just took me some time to warm up to the book, maybe I was just being overly critical at the beginning - whatever! The point is: I loved this book. Don't get me wrong, there were flaws. The character David, for example. He was a bit flat. I kind of forgot about him at times - especially when Tamani was around. Tamani, in comparison, was an amazingly written character! He was so vibrant and interesting...I think that David will develop more as a character in the next book though, now that the scene is set.The part that really got me about Wings was the originality of the faery world. Yes, there were some allusions to other recognizable fae lore, but Aprilynne Pike created her own type of fae and fae history. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next book and the continuation of Laurel's story! And if you start this book and don't find yourself glued to the pages - don't put the book down! Keep going because in a couple chapters you'll find yourself completely engrossed in the world Pike has imagined!Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 10Characters: 9Writing Style: 10Romance: 10Originality: 10!Total: 49/50 (A)