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Prada & Prejudice

Prada & Prejudice - Mandy Hubbard Prada and Prejudice was cute and quick read that blends romance, time travel, and a wonderful coming of age story! Callie was a good main character, it was easy to relate to her insecurities and rejoice at her growth and newfound confidence as the story progressed. :Alex was a perfectly written - Pride and Prejudice's Darcy is the model for all of my favorite character crushes and Alex definitely fit that mold! I liked Prada and Prejudice, but there were some aspects that disappointed me, like the ending. I felt like the book ended abruptly and unsatifactorily. There was a character, that I won't name because of spoilers and all that, who was promptly forgotten about after being a main focus of the book up to that point. It was so frustrating to me! :( I like that it was a cute and quick read, but I felt like it was missing some substance. I can't really say for sure what - perhaps I just felt like Callie was a bit too cookie cutter...Ratings (out of 10):Plot: 9Characters: 8Writing style: 10Romance: 8Originality: 10Total: 45/50 (A-)I thought that this book was definitely worth reading, but it wasn't really a rush to the top of your TBR pile read. I recommend checking it out from the library and reading it before you decide to buy it...