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Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls)

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover - Ally Carter I've been procrastinating doing this review for few days now... It isn't because it was a bad book, quite the contrary actually! I loved it! It is the perfect blend of boarding school drama, spies, romance, and mystery! It is just difficult to write a review for this book without saying: "Go read the first two!" I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You and Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy are both amazing books, but I think that this may have been my favorite one so far! Cammie's aunt is a present throughout this installment of the series. Not only was she a pretty awesome character, I welcomed the knowledge and glimpses she gave the reader into Cammie's family and past. I feel like we will find out even more about that in the next book.Speaking of the next book - I need to know what happens with Cammie and the guy in her life! I can't even give a name because if you haven't read book one and two, I don't want to ruin it for you! I'm totally in love with their love story. It is important to point out at this point that I am pretty much obsessed with the show Alias - so obsessed that I own all 5 seasons and have watched them multiple times. I may have cried when I watched the last episode... :S Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls books are basically Alias for a little bit younger crowd. Vaughn and Sydney from Alias? I'm as obsessed with Cammie and her love interest as I was with Vaughn and Sydney. There is just so much TENSION! Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 10Characters: 10Writing style: 10Romance: 10Originality: 10Total: 50/50 (A!)Go out and read the Gallagher Girls books - they are some of my absolute favorite books! There is another book coming, but I haven't the slightest clue when (which drives me crazy because Ally Carter leaves you with questions and wanting more)! I do know that Ally is writing a new series though. The first book is called Heist Society and comes out February 2010 from Hyperion.