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A Kiss in Time

A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn This was a cute story and an original and interesting plot idea, but I really didn't like this book all that much. I really had high expectations, but execution fell a bit short. I felt like the characters weren't fully developed - they simply weren't very believable. More importantly, their love story (the main focus of the novel) wasn't very believable. I felt that both Talia and Jack's looks were focused on a bit too much. The comments about their physical looks might not have been so bad though if there was a bit more to go on though. Talia is supposed to be blessed with gifts from fairies, but I felt like the fairies may have messed up a bit. I also felt like the dialogue was a bit stunted. Talia was supposed to sound like she was from a past time (300+ years prior), but instead she sounded forced and unnatural. Jack's dialogue sounded much more natural, but it still was a bit odd.Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 7Characters: 6Writing Style: 8Romance: 6Originality: 10Total: 37/50 (C-)I picked up this book because I love the story of Sleeping Beauty and I generally enjoy retellings, but this retelling really missed the mark. I didn't feel like the characters were destined to be together - which is the whole point of Sleeping Beauty! A Kiss in Time isn't the first retelling I'd recommend, but if you are a diehard retelling fan you might still want to give it a try.