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The Tear Collector

The Tear Collector - Patrick Jones I really liked the idea of The Tear Collector. When I read that the main character was a girl who basically lived off human tears, I was intrigued. While I felt that the idea of the book was well conceived, I didn't think the novel was very well executed. One aspect that I felt was a major negative of The Tear Collector was the characters. I think this is the aspect that caused the most distraction for me. I didn't feel like the dialogue between characters was well written and I didn't feel like the characters were fully developed or believable. The romantic aspect of the novel was very disappointing to me. I thought the love story would be greater, more epic, than it was. I felt like Cassandra didn't really do much to deserve any of the devotion that she received - her character was too flat for me to feel any attachment to her and I didn't see how any guy would be attached to her either. Her only quality that I could imagine her using to attract a guy would be her tendency to have sex with guys. I liked the idea of a guy finally seeing more to her than just what she could do for him physically, but I don't think that she ever really showed that other side.I did think that the premise for The Tear Collector was a really unique and original idea. That was the one redeeming quality, it is unfortunate that I didn't enjoy the other main part of this book: the romance.Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 8Characters: 4Writing style: 4Romance: 4Originality: 10Total: 30/50 (D-)The Tear Collector wasn't a book that I particularly enjoyed, but my sister read it as well and liked it. I recommend reading some other reviews before deciding whether to pick it up youself.