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As You Wish

As You Wish - Jackson Pearce I picked up As You Wish on a day when I just wanted a quick, feel-good read: I definitely made the right choice! Jackson Pearce's debut novel had just the perfect amount of romance and humor for a lazy Sunday afternoon read. I loved that As You Wish from told from Viola and Jinn's alternate point-of-views. I think that writing the story in this format not only made Jinn and Viola's romance more vivid, but it also made it easier, as a reader, to connect with Jinn. For me, there is often only a true connect with the narrator and the reader only really gets to see one character fall in love, but Pearce enables the reader to fully understand both characters' motivations and watch both characters fall in for one another. I thought that Viola acted just as one would expect a teenage girl with three wishes to act. Though, to her credit, she did try to make "smart" wishes. When she does make an impulsive and cliche wish, her actions had a truthful ring to them. While her behavior was annoying at some points, I appreciated the fact that Viola wasn't perfect - she struggled to accept herself without defining herself through others.Genies/Jinn are not usually portrayed the way they are in this novel - it was completely original. I really enjoyed the background on Jinn and their seperate world. I think that this apect of the novel really added added an interesting twist.