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Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, Book I)

Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink Prophecy of the Sisters was a book that I expected to fall in love with, but only ended up in like. I really started to get into it towards the end though, so I'm really excited for the next installment, but it moved a bit slow for me throughout most of the book.I really appreciated the plot of the novel. Pitting the twin sisters against one another, good vs. evil, a mysterious prophecy - that was all wonderful! I think I expected a bit more action though, which is why I think I'll like the next book more - the scene is already set, the reader can dive right into the action.I was a bit confused about where Lia and Alice stood... Alice didn't seem as evil as I would have liked her to be. And the book jacket said that they couldn't trust one another, but at some points Lia still trusted Alice. I just thought that not all of Alice's actions were consistent.I was also thought that there was going to be more romance than there actually was. When a love story or boy is mentioned on the book jacket, I generally think that it will be a main theme. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Again, I think that will improve for the next novel as well... the note that the romantic aspect of the story was left on was promising!