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Restoring Harmony

Restoring Harmony - Joelle Anthony I found Restoring Harmony to be a quick and interesting read. I love dystopian novels, so I was intrigued by this 2010 novel. While I liked it, I found some aspects to be lacking and the dialogue awkward at times. The portrayed world of 2041 is definitely a different world than that of today's 2010. I liked that Anthony focused on oil one of the main contributors to the Collapse, as that is a definite possibility. I found the story that much more believable because of that detail.I really liked Spill, the boy that Molly meets in America. I felt a stronger bond to his character than to Molly's actually. I found Molly somewhat one-dimensional and found Spill to be much more dynamic. I did find some one the dialogue awkward though. And sometimes I felt like the story was flying along and then it would slow to a stop. I think part of this might be attributed to the fact that in some parts of the book I felt like the author had more detail and then other parts would be kind of bland. Since I felt like there were inconsistencies I have a hard time rating this novel.Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 9Characters: 7Writing: 7Romance: 9Originality: 10Total: 42/50 (B)Fans of dystopian novels should defintely check out Restoring Harmony when it is released in 2010. I really did enjoy it, even though there were some parts that I felt dragged - I still finished it in one sitting! :)