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Reign or Shine (Demon Princess Series #1)

Demon Princess: Reign or Shine - Michelle Rowen I had high expectations when I started DEMON PRINCESS. All I'd heard was good things about the novel and most of my GoodReads friends had given it 4 and 5-star reviews. Unfortunately, Demon Princess just proves that even the best books aren't loved by everyone.I think my main problem with Demon Princess was the fact that it was so predictable and nothing about it really wowed me. To me, it was more of a middle grade novel, rather than a YA. The plot seemed to move too slowly, it was just plodding along, and I didn't find the romance all that enticing. There aren't really any elements of this novel that I can point out as the cause of my dissatisfaction; it was simply the fact that I was bored by the novel. I knew who the villain was from the start and the ending of the novel wasn't hard to guess. It kind of defeated the purpose of the rest of the novel.Ratings (Out of 10):Plot: 5Characters: 5Writing: 6Romance: 5Originality: 7Total: 28/50 (F)Demon Princess is not a book I'll recommend, though I don't think it is a book to be avoided. I just don't have anything nice to say about it. So I won't say anything at all. :) I'll probably be skipping the next novel: Demon Princess: Reign Check.EDIT: I thought of one good thing to say! I love the cover model's hair! :)