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Inside Out (Inside Out Series)

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder I am a huge fan of Maria V. Snyder's first trilogy, The Poison Study novels, so when I discovered that she was writing a young adult novle I knew it would be a MUST read. The fact that it was to be a dystopian novel added to my excitement, as I love dystopian novels, but I find that they often fall short... I did not think that Snyder's attempt at portraying a dystopian world would disappoint. While I still favor the Poison Study novels, I'm happy to say that Snyder has successfully written a compelling and entertaining YA dystopian read that let me anxious for the next installement, Outside In.I was not, however, immediately taken with Inside Out, but I find that this is so for most dystopian novels I've read. It takes me a few chapters to become familiar with the foreign, futuristic world I've entered. Once I was used to the setting I started settling into the story.Snyder tied the historical details and minor characters into the story wonderfully. When I finished the novel I wasn't left wondering why a particular character was present - which was refreshing.As is to be expected with Snyder's novels, there was a great romantic plot line as well. Snyder has a knack for romance and I am looking for the continuation of this particular aspect of the novel in Outside In.PLUS, the novel ended at a really interesting place and left me satisfied, but also intensely curious. So Outside In cannot come soon enough!!