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Accomplice - Eireann Corrigan I find it almost scary that I identify with Eireann Corrigan's ACCOMPLICE. I understand Chloe and Finn's fear that, no matter how hard they work, they still won't be good enough for their dream colleges. I think most prospective college students stress about that. But most kids, myself included, would not go to the extremes the main characters do. Still, I found myself thinking 'what if?' Having only read Corrigan's poetry memoir previous to ACCOMPLICE, I had no idea what to expect from the novel. The story progressed slowly, which some may dislike, but, for me, it was positive characteristic that further illustrated the narrator's POV. The narrator, Finn, is the half of the duo that must lie to her friends and family about Chloe's whereabouts and I can only imagine that, while Chloe was in hiding, time would have seemed to move at a glacial pace.While the plot of this novel is, for the most part, straight forward, Corrigan did incorporate a few twists that kept me interested. I would have been disappointed if the summary had revealed the entire plot. Overall, ACCOMPLICE is an interesting novel that may appeal to fans of psychological thrillers minus the thrill aspect. I can't really say I'd describe this novel as exciting...Grade: B