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Tyger Tyger (The Goblin Wars Series #1)

Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton TYGER, TYGER has renewed my love affair with all things Irish. The mythology, the culture, the boys... Kersten Hamilton's first Goblin Wars novel showcases all three.I loved the mythology incorporated into this novel. One of the reasons I often find YA fantasy lacking, is that the world building leaves something to be desired. When utilizing mythology, the world is already built, yet their are so many different ways to interpret and things to explore. I appreciate a world built from scratch, but, when done right, using a preconceived world and characters can be just as compelling. I think Hamilton did this successfully.At the novel's start, I wasn't sure I'd connect with Teagan. In fact, I don't really think I connected with some parts of her personality at all - I didn't really enjoy the passages where she is working with animals at her internship - but I did like her character overall. She is relatively level-headed and definitely driven, yet she was willing to believe in this fantastical world of myth and legend. Also encouraging, I actually thought she was a great match for the romantic lead... which is important when I really like the guy!I can easily identify Finn as my favorite character. He's Irish, he's a hero, he's in love. I can't think of anything that would have made him more appealing. I can't wait to read Hamilton's next Goblin Wars installment! I wouldn't mind rereading TYGER, TYGER and I might even seek out the original stories that inspired Hamilton.