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Crescendo (Hush, Hush Saga)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick I've been anticipating CRESCENDO's release since the moment I finished HUSH, HUSH... which is why I was both nervous and excited when the release date approached. HUSH, HUSH was one of the first novels I reviewed at The Hiding Spot and I clearly remember looking up from the first chapter and announcing to the room that Fitzpatrick's debut was going to be big news - and it was. Whether or not you loved Patch and Nora's romance, it's undeniable that HUSH, HUSH, and Fitzpatrick, have done well. But I still worried... what if book two leaves something to be desired? This is an eternal problem with sequels and I was sincerely hoping CRESCENDO wouldn't fall into the trap.I had mixed feelings as I read CRESCENDO. There was a lot of unexplained behavior from Patch and a lot of sighing from me. Of course, there was a reason for his behavior, but I'm not a patient person... and sometimes I felt like there should have been a little less mystery. In HUSH, HUSH, Patch is pretty villainous at points, but the reader knows that he's a good guy. In CRESCENDO, I really wasn't sure. On one hand, Fitzpatrick's ability to completely change my opinion regarding Patch is admirable and shows skill. On the other hand, I absolutely hated Patch during entire chapters of the book. I was experiencing book induced mood swings.I confess, I absolutely abhor Nora's best friend, Vee. In HUSH, HUSH I found her annoying, but, by the end of CRESCENDO, I was ready to write her off. I can't fathom a reason as to why Nora would put up with her... I've got my fingers crossed and am hoping that Nora will branch out and find some new friends.I'm looking forward to the next book... perhaps even more so than I was with CRESCENDO because I'm hoping for a very different Patch in the next installment.