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Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2)

Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2) - Lesley Livingston I liked Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, but I loved Darklight! Since most of the background story was introduced in the first novel, readers were able to jump right into the action with the second book. In this novel, readers are able to explore some of the minor characters from Wondrous Strange to a further degree. I enjoyed reading more about Kelley’s parents, Bob (Puck), Fennrys, and the Autumn and Spring Courts of Faerie. Fennrys, one of Sonny’s fellow Janus guards, plays a larger, more integral role than he did in the first installment. Some readers will find his presence maddening, but I enjoyed the discord he caused; I felt that it added an interesting element. I have a feeling Fennrys will be making another appearance in the third novel, as there were some loose ends left.Kelley and Sonny’s love sparkled in Darklight. Since they were separated during the time between the end of Wondrous Strange and the beginning of Darklight, there was plenty of tension every time they saw one another again. While I always want my favorite characters to end up together in the end, I love when they have issues getting to that point. Not only does it make their story more interesting, it makes their story one I can actually relate to. In Darklight, Sonny and Kelley’s relationship still shines bright, but there are some darker undertones of jealousy and distrust.The action in Darklight was well written and engaging. Livingston does a great job writing sinister characters, like the Leprechauns found in the novel. Not only are they not the cliche you imagine them to be, they’re better.