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Choker - Elizabeth Woods Whoa. CHOKER is a mere 233 pages, but each and every page contributes to a conclusion that left me completely speechless.Elizabeth Woods makes her debut with CHOKER which, at first, seems like a fairly routine story about a girl reunited with her evil, homocidal best friend. Much to my surprise, there is waaaay more going on than I ever would have guessed... Unfortunately, it's impossible to give details without spoiling the novel, so I suppose that means that you'll just have to read it for yourself!CHOKER is one of the creepiest novels I've ever read. I'm not much for scary stories, especially when they involve realistic murders and killings that could actually happen. Woods kept the gore and gruesome detail to a minimum, for which I was grateful. There was just enough description to cause a few goosebumps and I didn't have to sleep with the light on after finishing.I highly suggest picking up CHOKER and, if it all possible, refrain from reading spoilery reviews... CHOKER is one of those novels that packs the most punch when you have no idea what's going to happen next!