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Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

Clarity - Kim Harrington CLARITY starts with a bang - literally. Kim Harrington doesn't waste any time with introductions, instead she starts at the end, with Clare in a sticky situation involving a gun and someone who's definitely not afraid to use it. From there, Harrington takes the reader back to the beginning, slowing things down and introducing a colorful cast of characters, but by the that point the reader is hooked and they uncover how Clare finds herself in this rather unfortunate situation.I really liked the pacing of CLARITY. It clipped along at a fairly rapid pace, but I never felt like I was missing anything or like I was being pushed towards a conclusion. At less than 250 pages, Harrington successfully packs in romance, mystery, and action, which doesn't leave a lot of down time for Clare... or the reader. The only negative is that I didn't particularly want to devour this novel as quickly as I did... it makes the wait for book two seem even longer.I thought the mystery element was well executed. It was fairly obvious that the main suspect wasn't the actual killer, but I took me quite some time to figure out who actually did the deed. I definitely knew who I didn't want the killer to be... Apparently boys aren't dissuaded by Clare's unique abilities because they're all over her. Each of them have something different to offer Clare in terms of personality, but they all seem to have one common trait: good looks. I know who I think Clare should choose - I love "smoldering detectives" - and I'm really hoping she'll see things my way in the next installment, PERCEPTION.CLARITY is a action packed debut and has landed Harrington's upcoming novels, including the sequel, PERCEPTION, on my list of must reads. Don't miss this action packed first installment to what could easily shape up to be a new paranormal series favorite for many YA readers.