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Warped - Maurissa Guibord I'll admit, it was the mention of a unicorn that attracted me to WARPED, so I was totally unprepared for the epic storyline that I discovered within the covers of this debut novel.After reading just a few pages of WARPED, in which the Fates examine and manipulate the threads of life they rule over, I was completely dedicated to finding out what would happen next. The Fates have always fascinated me and Guibord's unique treatment of the related mythology was exceedingly clever. The idea that someone might steal life threads from The Fates for their own nefarious use... ingenious!To add to the mayhem, Tessa finds herself falling for William de Chaucy, who is as alluring as he is maddening. I enjoyed the push and pull between these characters. They both have strong personalities that don't always mesh and neither controls the other... they're very much equals.WARPED is one of the most creative YA contemporary fantasy novels I've ever read. Guibord combines magic, time travel, and mythology to create a fantastic story with a convincing villain and a much deserved happily ever after.