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Between Here and Forever

Between Here and Forever - Elizabeth Scott I've loved Elizabeth Scott's novels for years... I've read ever one of her Simon Pulse titles starting with BLOOM way back in 2007. Each time I see that she has a new one on the way, I find myself excited, but, unfortunately, BETWEEN HERE AND FOREVER fell short of my expectations.Scott's Simon Pulse novels are relatively light, quick reads, which is nice after reading a dense novel or an especially emotional read. I treat Scott's novels almost like transitions... They have hints of depth and offer small doses of tough subjects without making them the main focus. Instead, they're more romance centered with an underlying issue as the obstacle.BETWEEN HERE AND FOREVER fit this familiar formula, but I didn't love the main character, which was an issue. Instead of being easy to relate to, I found Abby's constant comparison between herself and her older sister Tess to be repetitive and shallow. I call it the Jane Eyre syndrome: If you keep insisting you're plain and not good enough, readers will see you as plain and not good enough - or I will at least.I did, however, like the 'tough subjects' Scott explored in this novel, like prejudice based on color in a small town and the difficulty of knowing where one fits in. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't read very many novels where the love interest isn't Caucasian. Eli was a refreshing change and he quickly developed into my favorite character.Overall, BETWEEN HERE AND FOREVER was a cute, worthwhile read, especially if you're a regular reader of Scott's novels, but there are others I'd recommend before this one. If you're thinking about picking up a Scott novel for the first time, I'd recommend STEALING HEAVEN, PERFECT YOU, or THE UNWRITTEN RULE.