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Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold's Head - Lindsey Leavitt SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD is my first Lindsey Leavitt novel, but it won't be my last.This book is cute and funny. I'd heard lots of great things about it before deciding to pick it up, but was worried it'd be more middle grade than YA. Instead, I'd say it's more upper MG - it's definitely MG appropriate - and YA-friendly. When Payton chooses her classmate's head as a focus object, she isn't taking the assignment very seriously, but her journal entries about it are hilarious. It doesn't take Payton long to realize that there's more to Sean Griswold than a big head... and that that big head is actually kind of cute.Eventually, Payton's father's MS becomes more apparent and she realizes she needs to face her fears and feelings about the situation... because sarcasm and anger isn't going to make it go away. Her focus object actually ends up being more help than she'd imagined - considering she basically chose Sean's head to be rebellious - and Payton realizes that it isn't always about fixing a situation, but rather how you react and respond to the problem.Annnnnd this cover is adorable. I don't think it appeals to guys in any way, but it fits the book perfectly!If you're looking for a relatively quick read that has humor and shares a worthwhile message, pick up this latest offering from Leavitt.