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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks I was hesitant to read Of Poseidon. If I'm going to read a book about mermaids or sirens, I prefer the mermaids to be a bit more monster than fairy tale. While the mermaids, or Syrena, in Of Poseidon aren't monstrous, they were interesting, and that's what really set this novel apart for me.The Syrena population is composed of two kingdoms which have been divided for years due to a tragic accident. The only way to repair the rift between the two kingdoms is by royal marriage. Galen thinks he might have found a lost heir to the Poseidon throne. If he's right and Emma really is - somehow - descended from Poseidon, he must convince her to take her rightful place at his brother's side which will reunite the two kingdoms and preserve the Gifts she uniquely carries.Emma, on the other hand, is just a normal girl... or so she thinks. She's practical, but she can't deny what Galen claims when the proof is right in front of her. Honestly, I'm glad that she didn't try to deny her heritage for a large chunk of the book because it was much more fun to see her embrace and explore her gifts rather than fight them.There were times that I was unsure of whether I really liked the romantic elements of this novel, but I think, overall, I liked the love story. I enjoyed Galen and Emma together, they definitely had chemistry, but I found their denial of their feelings and Galen's overwhelming commitment to delivering Emma to his brother tiring at times. I understood where he was coming from, but, for goodness sake, if you feel that strongly about a girl, take the time to at least explore other options. Why are you giving in so easily, mister?I'll definitely be reading the next book, which I hope will take readers off dry land and into the sea. I really would like to learn more about the Syrena and meet more friends of Galen & Co!