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City of Bones: Mortal Instruments, Book 1

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Favorite characters, quotes/lines: Clary: I liked her prickliness, it seemed to draw in and instead of keep other characters out… like Jace; Simon: he was very funny and very nerdy (two of my very favorite qualities!), I was glad that he was Clary’s best friend (and no more); Jace: he is the type of guy that I always love in books… tough on the outside, but all mush on the inside… and I love that only Clary really sees this side of him. I’m totally rooting for them!When I finished this book I felt: I finished this book in one day (in between waiting on people at Subway mostly…) then I finished it at home and read City of Ashes right away that night. That’s how good these books are. If I owned City of Glass I would have read that one directly after the first two. There are some books that draw you in and just don’t let you go until you know every twist and every character inside and out and The Mortal Instruments series are those kinds of books. They are addictive. I honestly cannot imagine what I would have done if I finished City of Bones and then had to wait for City of Ashes and Glass to come out… I probably would have gone insane…Other books to read by this author: City of Ashes, City of Glass, The Infernal Devices (a trilogy to be published that will be a set of prequels to the Mortal Instuments trilogy)I would recommend this book to: Fantasy/scifi lovers… girls and guys!