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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson I wanted Jodi Lynn Anderson's Tiger Lily to be different than it was, especially given Peter Pan is one of my favorite classics... I think I wanted something simple and romantic, but, instead, I got something that was almost uncomfortably real. Still, I found some aspects of this novel difficult to relate to and others remarkably apt.My biggest issue with Tiger Lily was that it was narrated by Tinker Bell. Not only have always found Tinker Bell extremely annoying, I found Anderson's Tinker Bell difficult to relate to and rather stalker-like. I will admit though, while I primarily found her annoying, I did find her loyalty to Tiger Lily, despite the fact that she too was in love with Peter, redeeming. I can't help but feel some warmth towards a character, or, in this case, narrator, who is able to see that the object of their devotion does in fact have flaws and that he or she should not always be primary in one's mind, especially if he or she doesn't realize you exist. For me, Tinker Bell represented all the girls (or guys) out there who may be head over heels for someone who obviously does not feel the same way and handle it in a (relatively) productive way.My thoughts on Tiger Lily are divided. On one hand, she was fiercely independent, which I liked. Other times, she was completely driven by her interest in Peter, which was disappointing. I think my main complaint stemmed from the awareness that Tiger Lily deserved better. She didn't deserve to be forced into an unhappy marriage and she didn't deserve a selfish and fickle man-child either. In addition, I've found myself acting the same way as Tiger Lily and I wanted to save her from the bitterness, anger, and betrayal she would eventually - and inevitably - feel.I will say, even though it was nothing like how I generally picture him, I loved Anderson's characterization of Peter. Proud, arrogant, charming, fickle, passionate, wise, silly, lost... Peter is so many things and is, at the same time, lacking. It's so easy, even as a reader, fall for Peter - and the real life boys that are all too much like him - and Tiger Lily's story is sadly not unique. In fact, the Peter Pan of Anderson's imagination felt very similar to Shakespeare's Romeo, who so easily shifted his affections from Rosaline to her cousin Juliet.Oddly, I wasn't sure how much I liked Tiger Lily as I read it, but, upon reflection, I think I took more from it than I initially realized. It's definitely worth a read.