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Every Day

Every Day - 7 Reasons to Read EVERY DAY1. A, the novel's main character, doesn't have a gender, as every day brings a new body (sometimes female, sometimes male). A is always A, but has access to the individual's thoughts as well. This added incredible depth to the ideas discussed in the novel.2. There's a love story, made unique by the fact that A is without gender. A loves, period. Love is not defined by gender.3. At one point, A is in the body of a girl that is severely depressed and self-harms. A feels the depression and must fight it because depression is due to chemical and physical imbalances - not all depression can be willed away with positive thoughts and chocolate. As someone who has struggled with depression, I was impressed and appreciative of this distinction.4. A only has one day in a body and he will never land in the same body twice, which begs the question: How large (or small) of an effect can one day have on an individual's life? 5. A falls in love with Rhiannon when he spends the day in her boyfriend's body. Rhiannon's boyfriend doesn't treat her well, but she insists her loves her deep down. I could definitely identify with Rhiannon and felt for her, especially after knowing how her boyfriend truly feels for her, courtesy of A's access to his thoughts.6. A experiences all walks of life... each new day offers an incredible look into something completely different from the day before.7. Levithan's writing is, as always, fantastic... Every Day has a plot that sounds impossible, but he somehow pulls it off.