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Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty - Michele Jaffe I've read quite a few of Michele Jaffe's books for adults (The Stargazer, etc), but this is the first of her books for younger adults that I'd read. I wasn't sure that I wanted to read it - in fact, it came out a few years ago and I always passed by it, but I TOTALLY regret that now. Because this book is totally, totally HILARIOUS! For real - I absolutely loved it. I like books that have a mystery element - especially one that doesn't have really obvious solution right from the beginning (because that just makes the lead up so BORING). Add that to some super funny characters that you wish you knew in real life and you've got yourself a book that you can't put down and has people looking at you funny as you laugh-out-loud when everyone else is silent.One the unique aspect of this book were the subtexts throughout. Everyonce in awhile the characters would have side conversations at the bottom of the page that were so random and funny. It reminded me of some conversations my friends and I have had.