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Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange Series #3)

Tempestuous - Lesley Livingston Lesley Livingston left readers hanging with a gut wrenching conclusion to DARKLIGHT... not only was it intense, but readers were left to wait for answers for months. Luckily, Livingston knows exactly what her characters (and readers!) need. Every bit of emotional turmoil inflicted on the characters and readers in the second installment is essential to fully appreciate Kelley's journey and this phenomenal final chapter to her story.I don't regret reading these books as they were released, but, if you haven't read any of them yet, I highly recommend reading them all in rapid succession rather than with months in between. Each time I picked up the newest installment, I was worried that I'd be forgetting a briefly mentioned detail that would tie everything together. I really love these books, so I have a pretty good memory of the events and whatnot, but there's something to be said about reading a trilogy or series all in one monstrous bite. I'm a strong proponent of Kelley and Sonny's relationship, so I felt the sting of DARKLIGHT's conclusion during the wait for TEMPESTUOUS, but I think some of my wild longing for this third book dissipated over the long months I waited. Take my word for it, these books are well worth reading, and, now that they're all released, it's the perfect time to pick them up.Livingston writes absolutely fantastic love scenes... and fight scenes. Sometimes she even combines them... there will be an epic battle and then a little timeout for some kissing and then back to the fight. Love it!I have a love/hate relationship with the Sonny-Kelley-Fennrys love triangle... because I honestly have a hard time choosing and that isn't normal for me. It does, however, show just how good Livingston at writing the romance aspect of her stories. This part of the novel is so realistic to me... Kelley loves Sonny, but that doesn't mean that she can't have feelings for someone else. Still, she must look within herself and determine what her feelings for Fenn mean not only for her, but for her relationship with Sonny. Ahhh, yes. Many of us have had to figure out this confusing debacle.I appreciate that Kelley is such a strong individual and that her growth is clearly evident throughout each book. Not only does she develop her skills and gifts in regard to her faerie heritage, she also learns to take charge of her life and do what she thinks is right, even if it ends up causing all kinds of trouble and heartache. Even faerie princesses get confused when it comes to duty and love and all the rest... but Kelley takes charge and does what needs to be done.I would be heartbroken about this trilogy ending, but for the fact that I know Livingston has more stories to tell and worlds and characters to introduce her readers to... and I'm anxious to meet them all!