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Mad Love

Mad Love - Suzanne Selfors I'll start off by saying that I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn't.Part of my dislike for MAD LOVE may be my own fault. I think I was expecting a bit more from this novel, but it's really quite fluffy and juvenile, which may have caught me off guard.Secondly, I did not like Alice. At all. Her character personality grated on my nerves. I wanted to feel sympathetic towards her situation, but she seemed too self-centered for me to do so. Yes, her life is a bit of a mess and it's unfair for any kid to have to deal with their mother's mental illness, but she doesn't seem at all grateful for those that are there for her, like her neighbors. I would have liked to see a bit more maturity from her character.The idea behind this novel is interesting and cute, but it just didn't seem to go anywhere. I felt like the same scene kept repeating over and over again with the same results. I simply lost patience.This novel seems to be reasonably well-liked, so don't let this review stop you from checking it out if the story interests you... I just wanted - and needed - more.