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Girl, Stolen

Girl, Stolen (Christy Ottaviano Books) - April Henry I admit that GIRL, STOLEN didn't immediately catch my eye. It wasn't until a few trustworthy sources recommended it to me that I really gave it a second thought... The description was, for lack of a better term, cheesy. Luckily, my friends are wise and convinced me to to set aside my first impression because GIRL, STOLEN's quick-witted heroine is definitely worth meeting.My favorite aspect of GIRL, STOLEN was most definitely Cheyenne. My younger sister is visually-impaired, though not to the extent of our main character, and the author's descriptions rang true. Cheyenne is a strong, smart young woman that's easy to connect with and even easier to be inspired by. I'm excited to share this novel with my sister, in hopes that she too will find some inspiration in Cheyenne's perseverance and strength. I suppose there was a slight romantic plot line, but I wouldn't classify this novel as romance. It was hinted at, but wasn't of any major consequence.Parts of GIRL, STOLEN may be predictable and there isn't much time for in depth development of the secondary characters, but this novel is still a 5-star in my book based solely on the clever main character.