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Moonglass - Jessi Kirby I've come to find that discovering new contemporary YA authors to love is becoming a consuming hobby, but it's so worth it when I find an author like Jessi Kirby and a book like MOONGLASS.I'm not the biggest fan of MOONGLASS' cover, but the blurb by Sarah Dessen intrigued me. Dessen has been one of my favorite authors since junior high I always take a look at books that are rumored to be similar to her style... Kirby's debut is reminiscent of Dessen's novels, but is definitely it's own novel. I found that the feelings explored in MOONGLASS are very much like what one would find in a Dessen novel, but Kirby adds her own flavor and flair to her writing that makes it very much her own.I wasn't positive I'd be Anna's biggest fan. She's kind of... perfect. She has a gorgeous beach body, great hair without having to try, and an engaging personality ... and she's completely aware of it. Luckily, Anna only goes out and displays her assets a couple times before she has her guy pretty well hooked, so the reader is able to overlook her lack of flaws. I'm not proposing that she should have a huge defect, but a little imperfection is generally a good thing.Anna's relationship with her father was, in my opinion, the most notable aspect of this novel. I liked that there wasn't a new woman coming between Anna and her father, but rather the memory of Anna's mother and the ghostly remains of her suicide. I highly recommend Kirby's MOONGLASS and I can guarantee I'll be reading her sophomore novel!