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Everlasting - Angie Frazier When I first heard about Angie Frazier's debut novel, it didn't even have a cover. All that I knew about the novel was from the short description listing on GoodReads, but I was drawn to the story. To be honest, the description strongly reminded me of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, which left me intrigued. I'm happy to report that EVERLASTING lived up to my expectations... and actually was a bit like the movie..I'm usually not a fan of historical YA. Generally, the pace moves too slowly and fails to hold my attention, but EVERLASTING triumped where so many others failed. I'll admit to my attention wavering in a couple spots, but I was quickly pulled back in. Most of the time, once I've lost interest, I can't bring myself to return to the novel, so it's impressive that Frazier could recapture my attention. I think the adventure - and Frazier's inclusion of magic and romance - added excitement and remedied the issues I usually experience with this type of novel.Oscar and Camille's relationship was definitely the aspect I found most memorable. I'm always drawn to forbidden relationships, especially if they're filled with tension and longing looks. I loved their scenes together!Frazier has succeeded in writing a tale of epic adventure and romance! It pains me that after waiting months to read EVERLASTING, I'm now waiting (again!) to read its sequel.