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City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)

City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Favorite characters, quotes/lines: Clary: I felt like she wasn’t really a main focus in this book for some reason, but the parts she was in were good…. She and Jace were addicting; Jace: I really felt for him and his inner struggle – even if part of it wasn’t really true at all (just self-hatred); Simon: he really matured in this book… When I finished this book I felt: I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending to this book. So often trilogies and series will end and the reader will be saying “What the heck?” – but Clare really wrapped up the book nicely. That isn’t to say that I didn’t wish there was more. I would have liked to skip ahead a few years and see what was going on with the characters. I did like how Luke and Jocelyn’s love was long-lasting – it hints of good things in the future for Clary and Jace! I’d also like to mention, that for an author that puts out a book a year, Clare is an amazing author. There are authors that have huge gaps between books and can’t write or tell a story nearly as well as Clare. She’s incredible!Other books to read by this author: The Clockwork Princess will come out in Spring 2010 (I think) I would recommend this book to: All fantasy/scifi fans… It really was an amazing trilogy!